Homeowners Associations

Oftentimes Homeowners Associations in our area are run by volunteers. As we all live busy lives, it can be hard finding the time to take care of the administration, all the financials and the contracting. This becomes even more apparent when an active member of the community moves away and someone new has to be found. Also, reminding your own neighbors of their obligations can create tensions and arguments. Capital Home Management takes care of those duties keeping your neighborhood beautiful and preserving  property values.

 How we are different:

  • Professional Management: This affordable service gives Homeowners Associations (HOA) access to a network of proven and reputable professionals and contractors taking care of your neighborhood. Like a good neighbor we understand the special needs of your community. We provide competitive flat rates to back up our commitment to you.
  • Saving money: We benchmark contracts with your vendors (for example landscaping) on a regular basis, and by doing so, help communities save money.

 Our Primary Services:

  • Contract reputable, licensed and insured workers to take care of landscaping, electrical and other required services
  • Re-evaluate and re-negotiate contracts on a regular basis
  • Supervise work and pay bills
  • Collect HOA dues
  • Take care of complete accounting
  • Report to homeowners, deliver statements      
  • Serve notices and resolve issues if neighbors are behind on their obligations
  • Prepare HOA packets for new buyers in the neighborhood

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